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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for the Missouri DMV?

DMV in Missouri Contact Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of DMV in Missouri Contact is +1 (573) 751-4600 / (660) 665-0292 . DMV in Missouri is also known as Department of Motor Vehicle in the United States. The department is responsible for vehicle registration and driving license.

How do I get a copy of my Missouri vehicle registration?

Follow these steps: Make sure that the seller has completed the fields on the back of the title. Complete an Application for Missouri Title and License. Make sure to get a lien release from the seller. Get insurance on the car and provide proof of coverage. Have the vehicle inspected (safety and/or emissions) and provide a copy of the certificate.

How do you get drivers license in Missouri?

To apply, visit your local driver license office and: Present your valid Missouri intermediate driver's license. Provide proof of name, birth date, and birthplace (e.g. certified U.S. birth certificate, original U.S. passport, certificate of citizenship). Provide your Social Security number.

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