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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Missouri Star Quilt Company?

Missouri Star Quilt Co. is a grassroots business that started in 2008 in Hamilton, Missouri. The family-run company began with a brick-and-mortar shop and an online store.

Who is Missouri Star Quilt?

The face of Missouri Star Quilt Co. is the matriarch of the family, Jenny Doan. Doan has become one of the biggest celebrities in quilting. Her popular quilting video tutorials have turned her into a YouTube sensation.

Where is the Missouri Quilt Company?

The address of Missouri Star Quilt Company is 100 N Ardinger Street, Hamilton, Missouri 64644, United States.

What is a Quilt Kit?

Quilt kits typically contain the basic things needed to make a quilt, such as the pattern and fabric, but often not everything needed to complete the project. Quilt kits are designed to speed up the often long and elaborate process of making a quilt. The fabric in a kit usually comes cut into...

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