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Frequently Asked Questions

Which MLB team has made the most playoff appearances?

“What MLB team has the most playoff appearances?” (18-July-2020) The quick answer is the New York Yankees with 55 postseason berths. From 1903, the first World Series, through 2019, MLB has had 450 teams advance to its postseason.

What is the most runs scored by one team in MLB?

Most runs scored by a team in a single game is 36 , by the Chicago Colts (now Cubs) against the Louisville Colonels in June 1897. The "modern" record (meaning after 1900) is 30 scored by the Texas Rangers against the Baltimore Orioles in August 2007.

How many teams are left in the MLB playoffs?

There are four teams left in the MLB playoffs, and two of them are easy to root for. The Rays and Braves yes, the Astros and Dodgers no. The MLB playoffs is down to four teams. But for most of us who do not have a personal rooting interest, it’s really down to just two.

Can I watch playoffs on MLB TV?

There's only one week left for teams to make their postseason push -- and you can watch the biggest games for free on MLB.TV. Four games with huge playoff implications will be streaming for free on MLB.TV starting tonight. Fans can watch by going to The four matchups could

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