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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mmmm Ya?

Guy: mmmm ya? Girl: Fuckin weirdo! Guy: Marry me! Get a mmmm mug for your sister Yasemin. A phrase used when describing something that is pleasing to someone. Can be anything, as long as it appeals to you. However, not usually intended to have any sexual reference. Most commonly used when talking about delicious foods.

What is mmm mug?

Get a mmmm mug for your father-in-law Trump. A word barely literate incel males, and lazy assholes alike you to express that they are desire something usually perverted. This word should not be a part of your vocabulary if you have self respect.

Does Mmmm have any events or company descriptions?

MMMM currently has no events. There is currently no company description available. ESG ratings enable you to leverage independent ESG research to evaluate how companies are managing ESG risks and addressing ESG opportunities. Learn more

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