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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word moaning mean?

Moan(verb) to make a low prolonged sound of grief or pain, whether articulate or not; to groan softly and continuously. Moan(verb) to emit a sound like moan; -- said of things inanimate; as, the wind moans. Moan(verb) to bewail audibly; to lament.

What is the difference between moaning and groaning?

As nouns the difference between groaning and moaning. is that groaning is a low sound associated with extended suffering, sorrow, and toil while moaning is the utterance of a moan.

What does it mean when someone moans?

Moan is defined as to complain or grieve about something or to utter a low, long sound of pain. An example of moan is to express extreme sorrow about a death in the family. An example of moan is for a person to make a pained sound when having a stomach ache.

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