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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is married to the mob?

Michelle Pfeiffer is Married to the Mob in this comedy. The wife of Mafia hitman Alec Baldwin, Pfeiffer regularly chastizes her husband for his underhanded line of work.

What brought down the mob in America?

The American Mafia, a separate entity, rose to power in the Prohibition era of the 1920s and soon flourished. By the late 20th century, however, anti-racketeering laws and other techniques brought down high-ranking mobsters both in Italy and the United States.

Did the mob ever rule the Bronx?

Even during its glory days, the mafia never ruled the Bronx. There has been a mob presence in the Bronx since the early days of the last century, but it never had anything like the stranglehold it had on Manhattan, Brooklyn and, with the rise of John Gotti, Queens. The forgotten borough, Staten Island, counts in mafia lore as the bedroom community for the bosses.

What is role of the mob?

The mob was a tool to scare people and to push pressure on political enemies. This is why Napoleon for example hated the mob so much. It could create but destroy as well. In general the mob was also used in defense on the national, for example the Levée en Masse was used to counter attack several Prussian and Austrian attacks.

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