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Frequently Asked Questions

What is model warship combat?

Model Warship Combat is a game where we build 1/144th scale model warships from WWI and WWII, with working BB cannons and bilge pumps, and actually battle each other in fleets of Axis vs. Allied. The sides of these model ships are made from sheets of 1/32" balsa so that bb's which hit can puncture a hole and start letting water in.

How much do RC model warship kits cost?

RC Model Warship Kits and Hulls Ship Name Type Hull + Deck Hull Only Austria SMS Radetzky PDN $180.00 $140.00 France FS Dunkerque BC $190.00 $145.00 41 more rows ...

What countries do we have model warships from?

We have model warships from the UK Royal Navy and Australian Royal Navy as well as countries including the United States of America, Germany and Japan, demonstrating some of the finest ships from World War II and beyond.

What do you need to build a ship for combat?

Most ships will also require a radio system, batteries, bilge pump, CO2 and cannon system, and running hardware to be combat-ready. All ships are 1:144 scale.

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