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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elizabeth Peña from Modern Family still alive?

Modern Family actor Elizabeth Peña dies aged 55. Elizabeth Peña arrives for the 2009 Los Angeles film festival’s awards brunch. Elizabeth Peña, the versatile actor who shifted between dramatic roles in such films as Lone Star and comedic parts in TV shows like Modern Family, has died aged 55.

Which 'Modern Family' stars died?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eva Longoria were among those shaken by her death. The entire cast and crew are very sad to say goodbye to one of our Modern Family members. RIP to the beautiful & talented #ElizabethPena.

Who played Sofia Vergara's mom on Modern Family?

— -- Fellow stars today mourned the loss of Elizabeth Pena, who played Sofia Vergara's mother on "Modern Family." She was 55. The Cuban-American actress starred on shows including "L.A. Law" and the movies "Rush Hour" and "La Bamba."

Who played Stella in Modern Family and when did she die?

Beatrice started playing Stella in season four of the show and became Gloria’s arch-nemesis. Beatrice who played Stella in Modern Family has died. Pic: Walt Disney Television via Getty Images/Peter ‘Hopper’ Stone

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