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Frequently Asked Questions

What is modmodesto city school calendar?

Modesto City School Calendar is a public school district based in Stanislaus County, California, the United States which is best known for providing quality education to their students so that they can have a better education for their future.

What is it like to attend Modesto City School?

The Modesto City School is very open and friendly which provide opportunities and experiences offered are great. When I was young it was my dream to have an education in this school but it was my bad luck, I couldn’t qualify for their exams.

What is the Modesto Virtual Academy?

The Modesto Virtual Academy (MVA) is our online independent study program for students in grades TK-12. Students access coursework on their own time, and meet with their assigned teacher once a week.

When to apply for pass/no pass grade change for 2020-21 school year?

DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 10/8 to apply for Pass/No-Pass Grade Change for the 2020-21 school year. One of the provisions of Assembly Bill 104 that we informed families about at the end of July allowed parents or guardians of high school students to request a letter grade received last school year be changed to a Pass or No Pass grade.

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