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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ‘module’ object is not callable in Python?

Before talking about the solution to this problem, let’s see why this error occurs. The main reason behind TypeError: ‘module’ object is not callable in Python is because the user is confused between Class name and Module name. The issue occurs in the import line while importing a module as module name and class name have the same name.

Why can't I call a module?

You can't call a module, that's what the error message says. The reason for the strange traceback you got is that the module source and the code in memory got out of sync. When the traceback is created, the current version of the file is used, which might not be the version of the code that is actually running.

What is a module in Python?

Any Python file is a module as long as it ends in the extension “.py”. Modules are a crucial part of Python because they let you define functions, variables, and classes outside of a main program. This means you can divide your code up into multiple files and categorize it more effectively. Modules must be imported in a certain way.

Why doesn’t the “cakes” module have a function?

Although the “cakes” module only contains one function, we don’t specify what that function is. This confuses Python because it does not know what function it should work with.

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