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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the practice start using modulemd?

This practice started in 1980. Practice Manager joined in 1992. They used HealthFusion prior to ModuleMD and had to build templates from the ground up, ultimately leading them to choose ModuleMD. ModuleMD’s templates were pre-build, so the provider did not have to think about it.

What browser should I use to access modulemd?

© 2019 All Rights Reserved. ModuleMD ® is a registered trademark. For the best experience and performance, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for accessing this site.

What is modulemdmoduleindex in YAML?

A YAML file containing the module metadata and other related information such as default streams. A GError containing additional information if this function fails in a way that prevents program continuation. A newly-allocated ModulemdModuleIndex object initialized with the content from yaml_file .

What happened when modulemd took over billing?

When ModuleMD took over billing in spring 2019, the practice was losing a lot of money due to their in-house biller not submitting timely claims or following up on rejections. Things are getting back on the right track for them now and the Practice Manager noted their list of billing follow-ups reduced significantly.

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