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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Moe's Original BBQ?

Moe’s Original BBQ was founded by three Bama boys: Mike Fernandez from Tuscaloosa, Ben Gilbert from Athens, and Jeff Kennedy from Huntsville. After meeting at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, they instantly became friends and had a mutual interest in all things Southern: BBQ, blues, college football, and whisky.

What's the best drink to get at Moe's?

The one, the only. You can only get this refreshing drink at Moe's. Coca-Cola Freestyle® it has all your favorites and then some new favorites if you're up for exploring. Light & refreshing unique fruit blends. It's the liquid white gold you've been jonesin' for. Sometimes you're hungry and the couch is too comfy to leave.

Does Kroger sell Moe's burrito bowls?

A New Way To Enjoy Moe’s At Home! No need to thank us, but our ready-to-heat burrito bowls are now available at your local grocer, including Kroger. Take that back, you can thank us because enjoying our mouthwatering proteins mixed with rice & your fave ingredients are within "walking distance."

Does Moe's have tacos with chips and salsa?

A hard-shell taco with ground beef, lettuce, cheese, guac, black olives & bacon. And as usual, it comes with a kid’s drink, free chips & salsa, and a cookie. Available in-store only at Moe’s nationwide.

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