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Frequently Asked Questions

What is healthy Moms program?

The Healthy Moms Program provides moms with the support they need to reach their full potential as a parent and as an individual. Moms pick the services they are interested in and create a customized plan of what they would like to accomplish at Healthy Moms. Healthy Moms offers the following services:

What are the goals of the pregnant Moms program?

Our program's goals are to: Provide moms with the support they need to be physically healthy, emotionally healthy, and self-sufficient Help pregnant moms have a healthy baby that is born full-term at 40 weeks and weighs 5 1/2 pounds and above

How do I apply for childcare at healthy Moms?

Healthy Moms participants are eligible for childcare during their appointments at Healthy Moms. Call us at (585) 368-3490 or send an email to [email protected] with your name, phone number, and email address, and we will be in touch with you with information on next steps.

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