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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Money Heist Season 6 Underground start?

Currently, 6 Underground is streaming live while the new season of Money Heist hits the virtual screens on April 3, 2020. Read more to see the one minute forty seconds long trailer of the crossover between Money Heist and 6 Underground.

What is the genre of Money Heist?

You could call the Spanish TV show Money Heist a serial crime thriller, a bullet-pocked soap opera, an epic love story or, depending on your perspective regarding genres, a makeshift family drama and a pitch-black workplace comedy.

Is Money Heist Season 4 coming to Netflix?

The renewal for Money Heist season 4 came along before part 3 had even aired. It was announced ahead of time by the showrunner and creator, Álex Pina. Álex Pina is a name you’ll be seeing on Netflix for many years to come given he signed an exclusive deal with Netflix last year (we’ll run through his other Netflix projects shortly).

When does Money Heist Season 3 come out?

Money Heist became an instant success after Netflix picked it up to air internationally. The first two seasons had aired on Antenna 3 in Spain before becoming a full Netflix Original for season 3. Season 3 of Money Heist released on Netflix on July 19th, 2019. Over 34 million tuned in to watch the show across the world.

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