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Frequently Asked Questions

What is morning complete?

This is why Morning Complete is great: it does more than just boost your energy levels. The complete daily supplement also contains prebiotics, probiotics, a metabolic blend, a cellular function and liver support blend, an antioxidant blend, and an adaptogen blend. That’s a lot of nutrients!

What is the activateyou morning complete drink blend?

This ActivateYou Morning Complete drink blend contains pomegranate fruit extract, Polygonum Cuspidatum root extract, and Lycium berry Pomegranates are a fruit that has been found to offer body benefits. One of these is an antioxidant effect [8] on inflammation, which might help us maintain our general health as we get older.

What are the extracts in this morning complete combo?

The extracts in this Morning Complete combo include bitter melon fruit extract, black pepper, ginger root, turmeric root extract, green tea leaf extract, and white tea leaf extract. Taking polyphenols [6], the active antioxidants found in green tea [7] may be essential for optimum health and weight loss.

Is morning complete better than green superfoods blend?

If Morning Complete were to remove some of the “other ingredients” and increase the amount of vegetables in the Green Superfoods Blend, it may make for a more credible product. However, at just 7.6 grams per serving, Morning Complete doesn’t provide nearly enough. Supergreens product generally provide 12 grams per serving or more.

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