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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best 125CC motorbike to buy?

KTM’s entry-level bike, the Duke 125 has the attitude of its bigger brothers, and it offers big-bike presence in a small and nimble chassis It performs brilliantly in urban settings, but it’s not the most comfortable for long-haul cruising. Nevertheless, it’s one of the most powerful 125cc motorbikes.

Why are there so many 125cc retro 125cc motorbikes in Europe?

As such, without question, there are many more single-cylinder, retro 125cc motorbikes on the streets in Europe than in North America. Another reason is the placement of restrictions on displacement and power output by rider age.

Who are CCM Motorcycles?

CCM Motorcycles is a British motorcycle manufacturer based in England. Creating the most unique, hand-crafted bikes in the industry, including the Spitfire.

How fast can a 125cc bike go on a motorway?

How fast is a 125cc bike? Most 125cc bikes will be easily capable of cruising at 60mph and should reach a top speed in excess of 70mph. Can a 125cc bike go on a motorway? If you only have a CBT then you cannot ride a 125cc motorbike on a motorway but if you have a full A1 licence or above, you can ride a 125 motorbike on a motorway.

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