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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to drive a 125cc bike?

If you wish to ride a 125cc moped, then you will need to get at least your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) and pair it with a provisional riding license. Getting a provisional driving license means that you can get access to riding a 125cc motorbike.

How powerful is a 125cc bike?

While some 125cc bikes can attain speeds of 45mph, some models can clock higher speeds of up to 75 mph. With some tweaks, some can even hit speeds of more than 75mph. Nonetheless, such tweaks can make you lose your control over your dirt bike.

Can you ride a 125cc motorbike on a motorway?

Most 125cc bikes will be easily capable of cruising at 60mph and should reach a top speed in excess of 70mph. Can a 125cc bike go on a motorway? If you only have a CBT then you cannot ride a 125cc motorbike on a motorway but if you have a full A1 licence or above, you can ride a 125 motorbike on a motorway.

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