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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a movidyn servo controller?

Intended Use MOVIDYN®servo controllers are devices for industrial and commercial systems for operation of permanent-field AC servomotors. These motors must be suitable for operation with frequency inverters. Other loads must not be operated with these inverters.

What is the output voltage of the movidyn HD?

UVWPE MOVIDYN® HD... output choke to the motor motor cable 5 windings Terminals of the output choke UL UL C® MOVIDYN®type Max. current Max. supply voltage Fuses MPB51Axxx-503-xx MPR51Axxx-503-xx MAS51Axxx-503-xx MKS51A005-503-xx MKS51A010-503-xx 5000 A 500 V - MKS51A015-503-xx 10000 A 500 V 30 A / 600 V

How do I connect movidyn® and RS-485?

Important • Use a 4-core and shielded cable, twist the two signal cables, and place the shield flat on both sides of the electronic shield clamp of MOVIDYN®or earth it at the higher- level control system. • Route the 0V5 reference potential through the second cable pair. Potential shift may occur between the units connected by RS-485.

Is the hd22movidyn® servo controller UL compliant?

22MOVIDYN®Servo Controller Operating Instructions UL-Compliant Installation HD00X Output Choke for Motor Lead All three output phases must always be routed together through the toroid core. PE and the shield of shielded cables are not routed through the toroid core! 5.6 UL-Compliant Installation

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