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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the informer a good movie?

The most difficult one to digest comes in the climax, which may completely change the overall opinion of the film. That aside, ‘The Informer’ is a solid, entertaining thriller with gritty action scenes that makes full use of its plot to drive the suspense, instead of Hollywood's typical big-budget blockbuster approach.

What is the story structure of the informers?

In a "Crash"-like story structure (for lack of a better description), "The Informers" is about sex, drugs, disease, and the lives of the rich. Don't expect to get anything out of this film besides seeing Amber Heard nude most of the film.

Is the informer a Catholic movie?

The Informer (1935) along with The Searchers (1956) are John Ford's most Catholic driven motion pictures as it deals with guilt and redemption. John Ford was good at showing the lifestyles and values of many Irishmen in many of his work. I Only wish that this movie was available on Home Video as it is hard to find.

Is Bret Easton Ellis' 'the informers' a good movie?

Maybe Bret Easton Ellis die-hards will appreciate this dead-end tale. "The Informers" is not so much a movie as it is a series of uneventful (and unconnected) scenes in which a bunch of unlikeable characters do drugs and have sex. What fun!

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