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Frequently Asked Questions

Did 2020 have more movie trailers than ever before?

This means the past 12 months have seen less movie trailers that might've been dropped otherwise but, fortunately, 2020 still has more than enough to offer in the trailer stakes (if little else). The following list will take into account the look, style and impact of a trailer, as well as its ability to put butts in socially distanced seats.

What are the best upcoming animation&kids movies in 2019?

Watch the official trailer compilation for the best upcoming Animation and Kids Movies in 2019 & 2020! Including Onward, Spies in Disguise, Frozen 2, Sonic: The Hedgehog, The Lion King, The Queen's Corgi, Dora and the lost City of Gold, Playmobil: The Movie, Shaun the Sheep 2: Farmageddon, Angry Birds 2, Artemis Fowl, My Spy and Toy Story 4.

What makes a good movie trailer?

Some trailers succeed by being innovative, some deliberately subvert the audience's expectations, and others try to generate heat by being provocative. But sometimes a trailer succeeds simply by revealing something fans have been waiting years to witness, and so it proved with Bill & Ted Face The Music.

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