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Frequently Asked Questions

What are G rated movies?

The Ratings Explained. G (general audiences): G ratings are most notable for what the films don’t include: sex and nudity, substance abuse, or realistic/noncartoon violence. PG (parental guidance): Some material may not be suitable for children.

What is rated G movie?

G-rated Law and Legal Definition. G-rated is a term used in the entertainment industry. It is the certification given to a film by a body authorized to give it. G-rated certification indicates that the specific film is appropriate for viewing by general audiences.

What is rated G?

Rated G. For the MPAA rating, see Motion Picture Association of America film rating system. Rated G is the third album by the 5th Ward Boyz, released on November 28, 1995 through Rap-a-Lot Records . Producer Mike Dean, who had produced the group's previous two albums, returned to produce the album with the three members...

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