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Frequently Asked Questions

What is flavors of youth?

"Flavors of Youth" captures the nostalgic feelings of my childhood spent in 90s China with such authenticity that I was utterly unsurprised to find the chief director is a Chinese close to me in age.

Do you think flavor of Youth is a good anime?

You probably won't think it's a great anime. "Flavors of Youth" strikes me as an inaccessible anime - particularly to western audiences - and not just because of its meandering, introspective nature that would put a lot of people to sleep.

What is Shinkai’s flavors of youth?

Shikioriori, English name: Flavors of Youth, is divided into 3 Chapters: First (Sunny Breakfast), Second (Small Fashion Show), Third (Shanghai Love). Similar on what Shinkai did on 5 Centimeters per Second. The movie is placed in China and even the main character’s name is all in Chinese. But the studio and voice actors are Japanese.

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