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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the exam MRI show everything?

Taking into consideration all of the above stated, can the MRI detect everything? No, the MRI cannot detect any or every injury in the back, but it can show a well rounded representation of the issue. Some Physicians will use a bone scan or other test in order to properly diagnose an injury.

Are MRI results accurate?

There are no known side effects of an MRI scan. The benefits of an MRI scan relate to its precise accuracy in detecting structural abnormalities of the body. Patients who have any metallic materials within the body must notify their physician prior to the examination or inform the MRI staff.

What are the types of MRI?

There are three types of MRI bores: closed, open, and wide. The term “bore” simply refers to the opening that the patient is placed in (it’s that tube you’re quite familiar with), and MRI types are determined by the size of the scanner’s bore.

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