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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MS in civil engineering?

The MS in Civil Engineering is designed for those who want both specialized course work and the flexibility to tailor their program to their needs. Applicants are expected to have an undergraduate degree in civil engineering or its equivalent, and must have proficiency in basic sciences and mathematics.

Should you get a Master's in engineering?

If you are passionate about science and innovation and want a challenging career, earning an engineering master's degree can help fulfill your ambitions. A master's degree in engineering introduces the advanced concepts and professional skills you need to find high-level and specialized positions.

What is MS in Electrical Engineering?

MS in Electrical Engineering. (ECE) offers many specialized programs for graduate students, with a background in electrical engineering or other related areas, who wish to specialize in an advanced phase of electrical Engineering. The ECE department at NJIT includes more than 33 full-time faculty devoted to teaching and research.

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