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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mt SAC canvas?

Canvas is Mt SAC’s Learning Management System where your courses are hosted. Your professors will post your course information in Canvas such as Announcements, Assignments, etc. A good starting point is this Canvas overview video on how to navigate in the system and use it to help you organize your life as a student.

How much do online classes cost at Mt SAC?

The college has more than 3,000 online classes. As a nationally ranked community college, Mt. SAC's classes are transferable to a four-year university and cost just $46 a unit! Most students pay close to nothing with financial aid.

How does Mt SAC help students?

We help students get work experience as well as prepare them for their careers after graduation through campus jobs, internships, workshops and more. Health is crucial to your success in college, so Mt. SAC has resources for those who are housing insecure, food insecure, need medical support or a good workout.

What support services does Mount SAC offer?

More than 2 out of 3 students take advantage of our free tutoring services, which covers a wide range of subjects and is also conveniently available online. In addition, we have a vigorous Honors Program and more! Mt. SAC students generally utilize these support services to get enrolled, pay for classes and graduate.

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