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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mueller doing now?

What is Janine Mueller Doing Now? Janine Mueller is in good health and doing well for herself. While she does not appear to be on Instagram, she’s been sharing some of her pics on Facebook, showcasing her remarkable weight loss. Several users even congratulated her on her change in the photo’s comment section.

Who has Mueller indicted?

What will happen now that Robert Mueller has indicted Roger Stone? He will be charged, his bail set (maybe), transferred from Ft. Lauderdale FL to Washington DC, prosecuted, and if convicted, sent to jail, He has been booked, Stone may be released on bail or not. Punishment could include, prison, fines, probation and/or something else.

Who was on the Mueller investigation team?

Mueller’s team subpoenaed Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen Bannon to testify before a grand jury, according to The New York Times. Mueller’s team never interviewed the president. The team consisted of 19 lawyers, who were assisted by 40 FBI agents, intelligence analysts, forensic accountants and other professional staff.

Who owns Mueller Water Products?

Walter Industries, Inc. acquires Mueller Water Products, Inc. formerly a privately held leading supplier of flow control products, for an aggregated value of approximately $1.91 billion, and combines with U.S. Pipe and Foundry. Mueller Water Products, Inc. spun off as a seperate, publicy held company. Mueller Water Products created Mueller Systems by combining Arkion Systems and Hersey Meters.

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