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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I select multiple correct answers in Anki?

Removed the option to select multiple correct answers due to update to how cards are rendered. Will add in future update. This plugin lets you add multiple choice cards to Anki. These choices will be randomized.

What license does multiple choice for Anki use?

LICENSE AND CREDITS Multiple Choice for Anki is Copyright © 2021 zjosua It is licensed under the AGPLv3. For more information refer to the LICENSE file. The files and the template file are based on the Anki add-on Cloze Overlapper by Glutanimate. Click here to support Glutanimate's work.

How do I create a note type in Anki?

USAGE Creating / Editing The note type is automatically added the first time you start Anki after installing the add-on. When creating cards, write a "1" for correct choices or a "0" for incorrect choices in the "Answers" field. The question type can be selected with the field "QType".

Why did my add-on stop working in Anki?

There was a change in Anki that broke the original add-on. If you reinstalled the add-on on Anki 2.1.21, there is now a new note type called "AllInOne", which has been added by the add-on. Convert your existing multiple choice notes to this new note type, then it should work again.

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