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Frequently Asked Questions

How many multiple choice questions are there in mathematics CXC?

Mathematics CXC Paper 1 Practice Questions This quiz consists of 100 multiple choice questions, the questions obtained from paper 1 CXC past paper. The questions are mostly on percentage, ratio, multiples, and much more. All questions repeatedly appear on different Csec Mathematics Paper one.

How to prepare for the CXC multiple choice English exam?

Get in the habit! You should time yourself according to CXC regulation timning which means that you have 5 minutes to read the passage and 1.50 seconds to answer each question. In total, you should spend no more than 28 minutes to answer all the questions.Time yourself! A second set of English practice multiple choice exam .

Are vectors and matrices in the CSEC multiple choice paper?

Please remember that for the CSEC May/June 2018 paper Vectors and Matrices have been added to the multiple choice paper so expect questions from those topics. csecmultiplechoice_-_algebraic_manipulation.pdf

Is there a fifth set of English practice multiple choice exam?

A fifth set of English practice multiple choice exam . The same rules apply as the first one above. Here is a set of 10 reading comprehension questions to answer after reading the passage. Again, please read the directions at the beginnning of the exam carefully. (This will give you practice for your real CXC exams.

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