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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of multiple choice questions?

A multiple choice question consists of the question, called the stem, and several answer choices. Common types of questions are true/false, odd one out, negative, best answer, and multiple and combined answer questions.

How many multiple choice questions are on the test?

On a multiple choice test with 19 questions, each question has four possible answers, one of which is correct. For students who guess at all answers, find the mean for the number of correct answers.

What are the two parts of multiple choice questions?

Designing the Stem. There are two parts to a multiple-choice question: the "stem," or question, and the answer choices, the correct answer and the "distracters.".

What is the hardest question to answer?

The hardest interview question to answer is the one that goes to the heart of your soft spot. In order to bring yourself confidently into the interview conversation with no hesitation, you must contemplate your soft spot and get altitude on it.

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