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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any multiple choice questions in Human Resource Management?

The below said are the Multiple Choice Question in Human Resource Management with Answers. These HRM multiple choice questions can help for online test, skill test, aptitude tests and other examinations. You can add more questions using comment box. 1) Which one of the following becomes a creative factor in production?

What is the definition of Human Resource Management?

Explanation: Human resource management is strategic planning followed by several organizations that focus on recruiting, managing, and guiding newly hired employees. 2) Which of the following correctly defines the Human Resource Department?

How do control systems and rewards support the strategies of HRM?

Explanation: In order to support the strategies of human resource functions, control systems and rewards are altered. Strategic human resource management is a kind of practice in which employees are fascinated, developed, rewarded, and retained for the growth of both the employees and the organization.

What is the difference between human resource planning and SHRM?

The human resource planning is done based on the organizational Plan. (T) 7. SHRM mold the human resource in such a way to attain the Individual goal. (F) 8. Perception of human assets as higher risk investment is a barrier to SHRM (T) 9. Resistance from employees is an advantage to HRP (F)

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