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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a multiple-choice spelling test?

How to Create a Multiple-Choice Spelling Test Right Versus Wrong Spellings. Create a multiple-choice spelling test where students have to choose which word in the list has the correct spelling. Rhyming Words. Prepare a multiple-choice spelling test where students have to find the correct spelling of a word that rhymes with the word you give them. Words in Context. ... Unusual Plurals. ...

How do I create a multiple choice quiz?

Create a Multiple Choice Quiz Navigate to the Curriculum page of your course. On the side, hover your cursor over the grey space within a section, where you want the quiz to be placed. ... Name the quiz, add a description and click Add Quiz again

How do I create an online test?

Now here is the 9 Simple steps for understanding how to create an online test software. Register an account with the pesofts/ Prepare question for uploading in the admin panel. create a new test with a given button. Start uploading your question, or we will upload for you with the help of our expert team. Assign the test that to be taken. Select the test settings. More items...

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