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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a multiple choice quiz?

Create a Multiple Choice Quiz Navigate to the Curriculum page of your course. On the side, hover your cursor over the grey space within a section, where you want the quiz to be placed. ... Name the quiz, add a description and click Add Quiz again

How to create a multiple-choice spelling test?

How to Create a Multiple-Choice Spelling Test Right Versus Wrong Spellings. Create a multiple-choice spelling test where students have to choose which word in the list has the correct spelling. Rhyming Words. Prepare a multiple-choice spelling test where students have to find the correct spelling of a word that rhymes with the word you give them. Words in Context. ... Unusual Plurals. ...

What is a test maker?

Test Maker is a utility which allows you to create free-standing, self-marking tests or quizzes which can be saved to disc and used offline as required. They can be used with any browser that supports JavaScript.

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