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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find the multiplicity?

A zero has a multiplicity, which refers to the number of times that its associated factor appears in the polynomial. For instance, the quadratic (x + 3)(x 2) has the zeroes x = 3 and x = 2, each occuring once.

What does 'multiplicity' mean in math?

In mathematics, the multiplicity of a member of a multiset is the number of times it appears in the multiset. For example, the number of times a given polynomial equation has a root at a given point is the multiplicity of that root.

What is multiplicity in programming?

Multiplicity (software) Multiplicity is a computer program that enables one keyboard and mouse to access two or more client computers from a host computer. It was developed for Stardock as part of their ThinkDesk subscription service, but is available separately.

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