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Frequently Asked Questions

Who was accused of murder?

The nightclub singer, Ilona Vance (Vera Ralston), is accused of murder because she was the last person to see crooked attorney Frank Hobart (Sidney Blackmer) alive. Lt. Hargis (David Brian) attempts to prove her innocence.

Is homicide and murder the same thing?

The terms murder and homicide are frequently interchanged; however, there is a difference between the two. Homicide is the killing of one person by another. Murder is a form of criminal homicide, where the perpetrator intended to kill the other person, sometimes with premeditation (a plan to kill).

What is the crime of murder?

The crime of murder is the willful taking of another person's life. In almost all jurisdictions murder is classified as either first-degree or second-degree.

What is common law murder?

Common law. According to common law, murder is considered to be malum in se, that is an act which is evil within itself. An act such as murder is wrong or evil by its very nature. And it is the very nature of the act which does not require any specific detailing or definition in the law to consider murder a crime.

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