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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify wild mushrooms?

How to Identify Edible Wild Mushrooms. Look for pear-shaped or round, whitish mushrooms in lawns, pastures, barren areas, or open woods, on soil or dead wood. These edible wild mushrooms are called “puffballs” (Lycoperdon spp. and Calvatia spp.) and they can range in diameter from just 1 inch to 12 inches or larger.

What are some wild mushrooms?

These mushrooms are considered “specialty” mushrooms . Among the most popular wild mushrooms are the Masutake, Chanterelle, King Bolete, Hedgehog, Lobster, Cauliflower, Giant Puffball, the Oregon Truffle and the Morel.

What do wild mushrooms eat?

They also eat plants and flowers, and they can safely consume species of mushrooms that are toxic to humans. Since bears are omnivores, they not only consume meat and fish, but also live off various fruits, insects and plants. Summer months seem to be their favorite time of year for eating roots, tubers and mushrooms.

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