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Frequently Asked Questions

Is musician’s friend owned by Guitar Center?

Though Musician’s Friend is currently owned by Guitar Center, the two companies maintain separate brands, distribution centers and websites. Musician’s Friend is an exclusively online retailer, while Guitar Center has several physical locations nationwide along with its website. Read Also: Is Musician’s Friend Legit?

What are the best strings for an electric guitar?

Guitar strings come in two basic forms, steel or nickel. Whether you love the warm sound of nickel or the crisp sound of steel, they are both supremely durable options for your electric guitar. The wound springy construction allows you to pluck and

What is musician’s friend?

Musician's Friend is one of the largest online music retailers in the world. Owned by Guitar Center, Musician's Friend offers a similar assortment of guitars and music equipments from the most reputable brands. Musician’s Friend started as a catalog order company and became an online retailer in 1997.

Can you buy individual guitar strings?

You can buy individual strings if you just need a single replacement, but it’s important to remember that you should be changing your strings semi-regularly to make sure they sound their best. This is why the option is available to purchase all the strings you need in one pack.

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