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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a musical instrument face mask?

Unlike other masks with just a slit to accommodate the mouthpiece, this musical instrument face mask was specifically designed for wind instrument players with a true embouchure opening making it easier to align the mouthpiece into proper playing position.

What is the singer's mask?

The Singer's Mask was designed and manufactured by Broadway professionals. Based on feedback from their peers, this mask helps contain droplets while allowing space around the mouth to sing comfortably. The face mask area has three layers that includes a nonwoven Polyesther, sandwiched by layers of cotton muslin.

What color face mask should I wear for rock music?

Let's rock it! Black e-guitars on white face mask. For all rock stars and everyone who loves music. Black and white musical instruments face mask. “I’m probably singing showtunes under this thing.’

What is a face mask headband?

Face mask using a headband instead of ear loops with an opening for the mouthpiece, so the musician can keep their mask on and play at the same time. Some people feel that the headband version puts less pressure on the nose.

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