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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a musician’s Union?

Nearly every country has a musician’s union. In the UK, it’s called the MU ( Musician’s Union ). In the US, it’s called AFM ( American Federation of Musicians ), and Canada’s union is called CFM, but it falls under the umbrella of AFM.

What is the American Federation of musicians?

Our history began in 1896 when musicians gathered in Indianapolis and organized the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) for “any musician who receives pay for his musical services.” Representing 3,000 members, AFM was granted a charter by the American Federation of Labor (AFL). Now we are 80,000 musicians strong.

Does a musician’s Union offer insurance?

Equipment insurance is designed for musicians. The union also offers Health and Travel Insurance as well as Liability Insurance. These options are tailor-made for musicians and often offer better coverage than third-party insurance options. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of us, the musician’s union will not prove to be terribly useful.

Should you join the symphony Union?

Here are several reasons why joining the union might be the right move for you. Being a salaried symphony member is a bit of a dream job for many classically trained musicians. A good chunk of the union is made up of symphony players who need to go through the union to get paid and get their benefits.

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