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Frequently Asked Questions

Does mutton taste better than lamb?

“Lamb” is the meat of a young sheep - generally less than a year old. It has a flavor similar to beef, but slightly stronger. “Mutton” is the meat of an adult sheep - I’ve never had the chance to eat it, but I’m told it has a much stronger taste than lamb.

Is mutton better than chicken?

Mutton is always healthier than chicken . Mutton gives you protein and enough fat content,but in chicken (white meat) it has protein but it gives you extra fat , which leads to obesity. Fish is healthier ,when compared to other meats ,it has omega content . You can always prefer seafood and mutton ,instead of chicken . Try to avoid chicken .

What does mutton taste like?

What Does Mutton Taste Like? Many people find mutton strong with the musty flavor of grass, hay, and funky soil. It's an acquired taste for some, but it stands up well to bold spices and sauces. However, if the animal was fed on tender spring grass and was younger when butchered, it will have a smoother flavor.

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