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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MVMT stand for?

MVMT Watches Inc. (or simply MVMT) is an American watchmaker that sells quartz watches, as well as sunglasses and other accessories. The company was founded in June 2013 and was acquired by Movado in August 2018. The word "MVMT" is a play-on-words, denoting both the movement of time and people, as well as the movement component of a watch.

What is the MVMT catalogue?

MVMT's premium catalogue of watches for men and watches for women. Free shipping + returns. Join the MVMT. Skip to main content Enable Accessibility You've Been Upgraded To Free 2 Day Shipping| details SHOP NOW, PAY LATER WITH

Are MVMT Watches a good brand?

The Mvmt watches brand offers up a sleek and elegant line of watches and accessories for both men and women. This Mvmt watches review will take you through all key areas of the company, their products and their policies to ensure customers are well-informed in their purchase decisions.

What is MVMT Watches mission statement?

Mvmt watches mission statement is straightforward: to remain fashion forward by offering high quality and on-trend designs at a fair price. Where Are Mvmt Watches Made? Where Are Mvmt Watches Made?

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