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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to MYCB from CB bridges™?

Once users click the CB Bridges™ link, they will be automatically logged in to the corresponding CB Bridges™ account. To navigate back to myCB from CB Bridges™, users should click their name in the top right–hand corner of the screen.

Is there support available for castlebranch users?

Support Dedicated support is available for all CastleBranch users. I Need Student Support For help with your myCB account, you can access helpful video FAQsabout: Obtaining and entering a package code

When is castlebranch open for business?

CastleBranch will be open for business at noon on Tuesday, September 18, 2018. Our technology will be 100% up and running, however we will operate at a reduced capacity until our entire workforce can safely return to their homes. We look forward to an accelerated return to steady-state in the days ahead.

How do I get help with my administrator portal or bridges™?

For help with your Administrator Portal, you can call our Customer Experience Specialistsat 888.723.4263for help with: Account setup or questions Managing student and faculty information For help with CB Bridges™, you can log in to your CB Bridges™ account and select the question mark iconto access FAQs about:

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