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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my Cricket Wireless account number?

Call Cricket Wireless customer service at 866-384-4425 and ask the customer service representative for your Cricket Wireless phone number. Give the customer service representative your Cricket Wireless account number.

How do you contact Cricket Wireless customer service?

Another way to contact Cricket Customer service is dial 611 on your Cricket phone. Cricket Wireless Website: Cricket website has been made to provide comprehensive information about the company, its products, and services. The information for new and existing clients is divided into several clusters.

How do you call Cricket Wireless?

Phone: Dial *729 from your Cricket wireless phone or 1-800-274-2538 to make a payment by phone.

How do I unlock my Cricket Wireless phone?

How to Unlock a Cricket Phone. Contact Cricket's customer service to request a Cricket mobile device unlock. Cricket's customer service can be contacted by online chat or giving them a call. It is also possible to get the device unlocked at a Cricket store. Once approved, Cricket will send an unlock code.

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