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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a GCKey for my account?

How do I get a GCKey? To register for a GCKey, go to the sign in page and click the “Continue to GCKey” button. Then, choose a user name and a password. It’ll ask you to create security questions.

How do I use GCKey to access MSCA?

To use GCKey to access MSCA you must: If you do not have a GCKey, you must sign up for one as part of your MSCA registration with GCKey. If you have forgotten an existing GCKey user ID you will need to create a new one.

What is a GCKey?

A GCKey is a unique electronic credential issued by the Government of Canada for use with online Government services. To use GCKey to access My Service Canada Account (MSCA) you must have:

What is mygcpay?

MyGCPay: A web tool for pay and benefits - MyGCPay: A web tool for pay and benefits MyGCPay is a web tool for all federal government employees. It gives you a simpler, centralized view of your pay and benefits information.

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