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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose keyper systems?

KEYper Systems Patented Mechanical key management systems are an effective, low cost solution for your key control issues. The Mechanical Key Systems are simple to use and manage while improving productivity and reducing cost due to key loss. Give your customers the convenience they deserve with the Nite Drop Zone from KEYper Systems!

What do you like most about mykeyper?

I love mykeyper. Have used for everyday shopping, game day and date nights! Fits everything I need and keeps my hands free. Love! I am very impressed with this product. I love the quality of it. I like that I can fit just what I need in my bag with no problems.

Who is the CEO of keyper?

KEYPER Co-Founder and CEO, Dana Robinson shares, "When I chose our Signature color palette, I wanted to make sure that ball-field moms and sports fans had plenty of options to choose from." Today KEYPER celebrates more than our favorite patriotic holiday.

What is keyper® service express 24?

The KEYper® Service Express 24 is a 24-hour automated key dispensing system that works much like an ATM, perfect for Service Departments and Rental Property Management offices!

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