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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a N64 worth it?

The N64 is definitely worth owning if you're actually going to be a fan and heavy gamer on it. If you'll be a casual gamer on it, emulation on the Wii U might be better. You also need a CRT TV for the N64. They look like trash on HDTVs.

How much will N64 sell for?

Used N64 consoles, normally sell for around $100, but systems can range in price from $25 for an untested possibly faulty system up to $350 for a complete mint boxed system with bundled in games and accessories. Often regarded as one of the rarest NES games of all-time, Little Samson is one of the most expensive games to obtain.

Are N64 ROMs still illegal?

Though the N64 is now defunct, Nintendo still has a firm hold of its rights to all titles, which means that you can neither obtain ROM files nor create patches for the N64 games you don’t own. We in no way encourage tampering with patching and violating any laws.

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