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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NAD83 mean?

NAD83 is an acronym for North American Datum of 1983, a geocentric datum and geographic coordinate system based on the 1980 Geodetic Reference System ellipsoid (GRS80).

What is the difference between NAD83 and WGS84?

NAD83(1986) is the original realization of NAD83, which is practically identical to the original WGS84. The difference between the current realization of WGS84 used by GPS and the original realization of WGS84 typically is on the order of 1 meter.

When do I need to convert licensing data to NAD83 coordinates?

If the source from which you obtain the coordinates is referenced to another datum (e.g., NAD27, PRD40) you must convert the coordinates to NAD83. The FCC uses the procedures outlined below when converting licensing data to NAD83 coordinates when a radio service is converted to the Universal Licensing System (ULS).

When did the Federal geodetic control committee adopt NAD83?

In 1990, the Federal Geodetic Control Committee adopted the method employed by the NADCON software as the federal standard for the conversion to NAD83. See Notice to Adopt Standard Method for Mathematical Horizontal Datum Transformation, 55 Fed. Reg. 32681-01.

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