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Frequently Asked Questions

Is definition of WGS 84 correct?

The correctly defined "WGS 84", the coordinate system used in GPS, is a critical requirement for the geodetic integrity and accurate GPS positioning. The WGS 84 was originally defined with BIH Conventional Terrestrial System (CTS) for Reference Epoch "RE (84.0)".

What is NAD 1983?

NAD 1983. NAD 1983 is tied to the North American tectonic plate to minimize changes to coordinate values over time. This has caused NAD 1983 and WGS 1984 to drift apart. Generally, coordinates in WGS 1984 and NAD 1983 are around one to two meters apart. GPS data is actually reported in the WGS 1984 coordinate system.

What does WGS 84 mean?

WGS 84 is an earth-fixed global reference frame, including an earth model. It is defined by a set of primary and secondary parameters.

What is WGS 84 system?

World Geodetic System (WGS84) WGS84 is standard for GPS. The Global Positioning System uses the World Geodetic System (WGS84) as its reference coordinate system. Pinpoint Your Position Using WGS84. When you need to accurately enter coordinates in a GIS, the first step is to uniquely define all coordinates on Earth. WGS84: Unifying a Global Ellipsoid Model with GPS. ... Conclusion. ...

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