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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NAD 83 stand for in Science category?

NAD83 is an acronym for North American Datum of 1983, a geocentric datum and geographic coordinate system based on the 1980 Geodetic Reference System ellipsoid (GRS80). Mainly used in North America, its measurements are obtained from both terrestrial and satellite data.

What is NAD 1983?

NAD 1983. NAD 1983 is tied to the North American tectonic plate to minimize changes to coordinate values over time. This has caused NAD 1983 and WGS 1984 to drift apart. Generally, coordinates in WGS 1984 and NAD 1983 are around one to two meters apart. GPS data is actually reported in the WGS 1984 coordinate system.

What is Route 83?

Illinois Route 83 (IL 83) is a major north–south state road in northeast Illinois. It stretches from U.S. Route 30 (US 30, Lincoln Highway) by Lynwood and Dyer, Indiana, north to the Wisconsin border by Antioch at Highway 83. This is a distance of about 92 miles (148 km).

What is Article 83?

Article 83 assists with the structuring of cross border aviation transactions by providing interested parties (and in particular lessors and financiers), with a mechanism for increasing the regulation and safety oversight of an aircraft that is operated from a state perceived as high risk.

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