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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the biggest advancers and biggest decliners?

The winners are called the advancers and the losers are called decliners. The basis of determining which stocks are the biggest advancers or biggest decliners is based on the percent movement in stock price. For the purposes of this article, we're going to focus on the losers or percentage decliners.

What are the largest percentage decliners on a daily basis?

For example, some of the largest percentage decliners on a daily basis are obscure penny stocks. Though these are cheap stocks to buy and can show massive percentage gains, they may be trading on a very small volume—which can make too difficult to exit the trade at the right time.

How to identify the biggest winners and biggest losers in stocks?

The very motion of prices as they rise and fall helps to identify stocks that are the biggest winners and the biggest losers on the major indexes. But as we will see, it is important to analyze other financial factors and market data such as trading volume and percentage gain and loss. What Are Biggest Stock Losers?

Why stocks have been falling?

The stocks can continue their downward movement which is why it’s important to identify the reasons why stocks have been falling. Many traders prefer to buy low and sell high and we provide the tools to do that. Investors often buy the dips and consider it a discounted price if they believe that the fundamentals are strong.

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