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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your nationality if born in India?

A person born in India on or after 26th January 1950 but before 1st July 1987 is a citizen of India by birth irrespective of the nationality of his parents. A person born in India on or after 1st July 1987 is considered as a citizen of India only if either of his parents is a citizen of India at the time of his birth.

What is the ethnicity of people in India?

Biggest Ethnic Groups In India Indo-Aryans. The Indo-Aryan people are part of the various Indo-European ethnolinguistic groups who speak one of the many Indo-Aryan languages. Dravidians. The Dravidian people are any native speakers of the Dravidian languages in the Indian Subcontinent of South Asia. Mongoloid and Other Minority Groups. ...

What are the native people called in India?

Adivasi ( Hindi: आदिवासी, IPA: [aːd̪ɪˈʋaːsi]) are the tribal groups considered the Indigenous people population of South Asia. Adivasi make up 8.6% of India 's population or 104 million, according to the 2011 census, and a large percentage of the Nepalese population.

What is the nationality of Indian people?

Indian people. Indians are the people who are the nationals or citizens of India, the second most populous nation containing 17.50% of the world's population. "Indian" refers to nationality, but not ethnicity or language. The Indian nationality consists of many regional ethno-linguistic groups, reflecting the rich and complex history of India.

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